Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What does it cost?”
A:  Normally $99 but we are offering a special introductory price of $49.
Q:  “How long will it take?”
A:  All testing is performed in less than 10 minutes.
Q:  “Do you accept Insurance?”
A:  No. We can give you a receipt and you can submit it to your Insurance Company. They may or may not reimburse you for it depending on your plan. You’re welcome to use your HSA card.
Q:  “Why wouldn’t I just use my Insurance and go see an eye doctor?”
A:  You could, but most insurance companies do not reimburse for routine eye exams and you would most likely have a Co-Pay. Most eye doctors charge a refraction fee that is not covered by insurance (around $45). A GlobeChek screen is a lot more convenient.
Q:  “But I have Eye Insurance?”
A:  That only covers glasses, not a medical eye exam.
Q:  “Can I get an eyeglass prescription?”
A:  No, but you will be given an auto-refraction that can be fine-tuned for a pair of glasses.
Q:  “Do you need to put eye drops in my eyes?”
A:  No.